Alisher Usmanov became the latest critic of Arsene Wenger’s control of Arsenal, after criticising the way that the Frenchman refuses to splash the cash and strengthen the obvious problem areas in his squad.

The Billionaire joins the long list of people criticising Wenger, and his stubbornness, and reluctance to change.

But don’t worry, I am not going to sit here and add to the usual “lack of a leader” chat that usually comes with an Arsenal discussion.

I’m instead going to look at how ‘Le Professeur’s’ stubborn ways could be killing Jack Wilshere’s career.

Now I have been a big fan of Wilshere since his breakthrough into the Arsenal squad, but have recently become weary of trying to defend a player of his ability and some of the things that he finds himself doing on a football pitch.

There comes a point during any England or Arsenal game, usually after he has dribbled down a blind alley for the seventy-seventh time, when I reluctantly find myself agreeing with those around me, that he ain’t that good.

But when you see the occasional glimpses of brilliance that he can produce, you are left feeling robbed, asking the question, why keep dribbling into trouble?

However this season, Wilshere has shown a lot of promise whilst operating in the holding role for England, a role that he said that he had enjoyed playing and learning, a role that he has himself asked Wenger if he can operate in for Arsenal, but has been told by his boss that he prefers to see him playing further up the pitch, where he can run with the ball.

His performances for England have earned him a lot of praise from even the harshest of his critics.

And while he is not the finished article there, far from it, there is enough promise to suggest that he could be in the top bracket of holding midfielders one day.

So, the question that I am left asking is why won’t Arsene use him there for Arsenal?

One factor that has hindered Jack’s development has been the amount of injuries that he has sustained, nearly all of them being foot or ankle injuries.

Yet Wenger is still adamant in using him in a role where he constantly overruns the ball into pressure, and is more often than not, left hobbling or holding a sore foot or ankle from the resulting tackle.

If Arsene had any sense then he would use this opportunity to deploy Wilshere as a holding midfielder, he has the vision to play a defence splitting pass as we have seen with England, and it would hopefully keep him off the treatment table, as he is at present, having been ruled out of the crunch Champions League tie with Borussia Dortmund.

But then this decision would rely on Wenger rethinking his philosophy, and has many have stated previously, this is about as likely as the Premier League trophy turning up in the Emirates trophy cabinet.